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Thursday, December 4, 2014


~SCRIPT SECTION XXX - seven hours post collision- START~

Thankful for the dirt beneath me
Though it might not feel like dirt I'm told
More like crushed glass perhaps
But in the circumstances
I'll not be detaching my gauntlets to find out

Grateful that the asteroid did not kill us all
Only what senior staff has stated are:
"Acceptable losses"
I myself would like to hear what the captain might opine on the matter

From two hundred feet within the floating rock that has merged with us
He wouldn't hear me ask
And I'd not hear him answer

I'm beholden to a deity no doubt
For the fact that the ship did not blow apart
This being the first observation of massive object merger that has been recorded

When done in controlled experiments
The fold craft emerged upon an existing object with great force
Such that the only measurements taken were from one hundred kilometers away

I am much obliged that we are still here
However adrift in a vast emptiness we may be

Three out of five reaction engines are still operational
Food stores were untouched
Life support can be maintained now after some repairs

I am certainly appreciative for this chance to sit here
Wherever here is
For the four months it will take to go through our supplies

With us gone
That will leave the two thousand or so people on Venus
Who in turn have projected survival being a negative prospect after another eighteen months without Earth there to send crucial supplies

I release my hold upon the jagged ended tube I was holding on to
Letting inertia slowly tug my body out to the end of the seven meter tether

There I hung for awhile
Feeling bloody sorry for my species

Perhaps the Galaxy will give thanks when we are gone