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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Paul Is Dead

The grooves on the record sound something like this
Fine lines pressed in black vinyl
Labeled marked and sampled
Until the sound is found to be final


the grooves on the record sound something like sith
Strange to the ears with rhythm in reverse
Foreign tongues slide out some sly flattery
Spoken by the devil from that needle so chattery

When your dad slaps your ass for being so stupid
Wrecked a ten dollar cartridge hearing a devilish sequel
A sticker on the front of the album had warned you
Don't listen to the words squarked out in backwards time
It'll bend your diamond tip out of line
And etch new grooves to skip and robot dance too
All the while listening to your daddy whine

Saying you've defied the lord and broken the notes
All hooked up wrong
Same old song
With nothing really evil to say
Just the sound of borken-be-forkin gibberish number nine