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Monday, October 6, 2014

An Obligatory Poem For Your Wedding

So it's your wedding day
And you are the loveliest bride I've ever seen
Don't let anyone tell you any different
Whether true or a lie nobody would be so mean

What's that?
No, seriously you look wonderful
It's your day so I have to say
There are rules, I checked

Your beau to be
Looks cut out of a magazine
His teeth could cut glass
Not to mention his abs and ass

So don't let yourself go girl
Because he looks to be a player
If the way he's chatting up your bridesmaid there
Is how he thinks is playing fair

Shoo you, now go
The music's starting up!
Oh here comes the bride
With tears on her cheek
A stranglehold upon her bouquet
And a chain wrapped about her feet

I hope you like this obligatory poem I wrote for you
My exquisite white mother requested it
She said if I did it I wouldn't have to buy you a present
Because as we all know
Bad poetry you never wanted is truly heaven sent