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Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Romantic Glow

When I burn this place to the ground
It will be with a rueful smile
A grimace if we are being honest
Mostly from the heat
Since I'll be close by to watch

The flames dance in the night
Popping and chewing up scenery
A couple of mice running in fright
And a couple of things for me and you

A nice plaid blanket and cushions
For us to watch the show
Triangle sandwiches and sunglasses
To feed and protect us from the glow

Crack open a bottle of wine
Something red and fermented
Plucked on a frosty morning from the vine
On a small vineyard in Upstate

We don't need to call the fire department
Since we are the last two people around
Sipping, snacking, and basking
A better partner could never be found

When the day comes that I burn this place to the ground