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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Love Rating #3.14159

I shall encase you in titanium fantastic
With an under layer of protective plastic
All the better to love you forever
In added preservative we trust

With colored markers
That smell of various fruits
I'll make you cards of commitment
While sitting with a rainbow of dots upon my nose

I'll rate our love as a 9 out of 12
In the Olympic-like competition quinquennial
Floor exercises using red foam bats
Pummeling one another in a Nerf of ecstasy

My love letters shall sing in all analog frog tones to you
Burping and chirping out a spring-like mating meme
Written from my desk deep in the swamp
With only my eyes above the green-grey cool waters

A heart shaped pie will be baked with my hands
Decorated with heart shaped sprinkles
And filled with an authentic minced man-heart
Ripped from the chest of some other love lorn bastard

For I may be in love
But I'm no fool
Not I