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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Falling Water

"Tap tap tappity tap"
A long nailed manicured hand sound of impatience
Played out upon an old piece of plywood
By drops of water from a metal eave

Straight down eighty feet
Pushed this way and that by the breeze
Almost crystalline teardrops
Squeezed to their ultimate aero shape

Terminal velocity achieved
Target in sight
An Alcoa Aluminum stencil on the veneer
Blue logo paint faded by past sun and storms

Ultimately splashing down
Forming a momentary crater
In the slickly thin watery film
A hazardous place for any strider to skate today

Gone all too soon in steamy rise
Evaporating to invisibility
Leaving the old shipping flat to bake
Fading away in the heat