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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wintry Inspection Blues

Torque tight
Updates right
Light bright
Wish may
Wish might
Inspect this plane tonight

From the fourth button going up on my blue work shirt 
The world was calm as can be
A dim compartment lit by my flashlight
The air still and smelling of airplane
As a newborn baby smells to its mother
That's what the aircraft smelled of to me
Enveloped inside of it
Warmed by the hot air tubes that ran through
Kept company by several dead bugs
And what was left of a twig-and-fluff bird's nest

From the fourth button going down on my blue work shirt
The world was full of wind and snow
With temperatures measured in the below
Darkness brightened by nothing but far-off blue taxiway lights
A dim glow for the hills of snow
As they built up all around
This torso and pair of legs protruding from the bottom of an aircraft
Perched upon a wobbly military green B-4 work stand
Toes going numb from the chill of frozen steel toe shoes

Singing the distinctly filthy color collar sound
Of the midnight shift outside in the winter
Inspection blues